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THE GARMENT DISTRICT what I hear into your ears



Secondhand Sunburn

The Garment District: Silver Studio Session at The Andy Warhol Museum

The Garment District + Casual Male performing
during SYNC’D 6 at The New Bohemian in Pittsburgh, PA
Sync’d 6 Finale from Michael Maraden on Vimeo.

Nature-Nurture: Sonic Boom Remix
The Garment District: Nature-Nurture (Sonic Boom Remix) from The Garment District on Vimeo

Station to Station: The Garment District
STS – PITTSBURGH – The Garment District from Station to Station on Vimeo.

Miraculous Metal

Bird Or Bat


Only Air

The Parlance

Live at the 2012 VIA Music & New Media Festival,
The Andy Warhol Museum
opening for Julia Holter

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